No work after 6pm – New French Law

No work after 6pm in France

No work after 6pm in France, that will do me fine thanks. Photo by Matthew Hurst


France has done it again! First they made many of us pretty envious when they introduced the 35 hour working week back in 1999, now they have made it illegal to work after 6pm, well kind of. No work after 6pm, yes please.

I just read in the Guardian online that new labour laws were passed this week making it illegal for bosses to expect employees to answer or even look at emails and messages once out of the office and after 6pm. Those with a Blackberry or smartphone supplied by the office will know that many companies and colleagues can bug the hell out you in your own time, well in France no longer!

I think this is great!

I have worked for the corporate companies in the past and actually it is often overly keen colleagues rather than bosses that email at silly times of night and expect you to respond. I think this is a great idea, well done France. We all work too hard in my opinion and should “switch off” when we leave the place of work. To those that say “the French are just lazy” I say no, they just have their priorities in check. I wish I could go home every day for an extended lunch with the family. Okay so it can be a little frustrating if you have forgotten the fact that everything closes at lunchtime and you forgot to buy lunch, but you get used to that once you have spent enough time in the country.

In a world that spends too much time on laptops and hand held devices I think this is a great move. I have to go fishing wher eI have no phone signal to switch off properly, so it gets my thumbs up!

What do you think about this? Have the French got it right? Leave us a comment below…


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